The Frequency of Love on Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast

One of my favorite Love Activists was recently featured on the Spiritual Entrepreneur podcast, Marianne Williamson. And so, imagine my joy to also be asked to be on this incredibly uplifting and expansive podcast (insert scene: me on my knees in OMGoddess-ness and praising All-That-Is, along with some regular jumping up and down in happiness).

Check out this beautiful podcast interview where the lovely Devi Adea and I talk about:

  • How love is the most important frequency and force on the Earth Plane
  • The most sacred and precious love is with the Divine
  • How to “tune in” to the Frequency of Love
  • “Returning” to Love
  • Attuning your business and offers to the Frequency of Love
  • Aligning your business with a cause that creates the Frequency of Love
  • The impact of everything that we do in alignment with the love vibration
  • A practice for “tuning” your email to Love
  • Connecting with your guides
  • The Psychic Surgery that made Kristian available to who she really is
  • Connecting with your higher self in addition to your guides
  • The importance of asking and giving permission for Divine help
  • Moving beyond Romantic Love
  • Pulling yourself out of externalizing love
  • The “Purple Bubble Practice”
  • Dealing with “Haters” online and maintaining a frequency of love
  • Demonstrating what Fierce Love in Action looks like
  • Having an “Entourage”
  • “You don’t have to be a big deal to be a big deal”
  • Fostering and magnifying the Frequency of Love in your community
  • Being Love Fueled and Spirit-Led through the frequencies that we live in every day
  • Intention Setting for the highest good to take place
  • Releasing attachment to intentions
  • Bringing the Frequency of Love to a full schedule
  • Tapping into Vertical Time
  • The ability that we have to stretch, expand, and bend time
  • Working with Comparison
  • Getting back into your natural state of joy
  • Having a “magic journal”
  • The importance of doing your emotional trauma work

I’d love to hear about your experience with the podcast, so take a listen and report back! Xo