Episode 11: Welcome to 2020! Here’s what’s what…

Happy 2020 and the New Decade!

In this 11th episode (11 is a master number that serves as a portal to Higher Consciousness) of Awakening: The Podcast, I share with you what the focus is for 2020 according to the Highest Light and what’s calling you during this incredible time in your – and our collective – consciousness.

I cover what happened in 2012 that has led us to this moment in time and how you can use specific practices and tools to thrive in this New Year and New Decade.

When I mention the 3rd dimension, I’m talking about the physical-only focused energy and beings that disregard Spirit and spirituality.

You can learn more about how to thrive in 5G in the 5D as mentioned in the episode here.

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If you have any questions about this episode, submit them here and I will respond to let you know if we’ll be covering your Q in an upcoming podcast episode.

Many blessings on your Awakening journey, XoKristian