Episode 04: Ladies, this one’s for you!

In our number 4 episode of Awakening: The Podcast, we get even more raw and real. There is a war cry being emanated from the Universal Consciousness for all Ladies (and no, it’s not Beyoncé calling the Single Ladies!). We speak this cry and we call on the hearts of the feminine everywhere to rise up and lead the way for 2020 and beyond.

In this episode we’ll reveal to you the deep and powerful roar that is wishing to be heard by all. We tell it like it is – in our usual style – for some hard truths.

You may be offended.
You may be pissed off.
You may totally disagree with us.

But what we ask is that you take what we’ve shared here and sit with it. Feel into your heart with it. See if your greater truth emerges as you do.

In this episode, we give the 4-1-1 of men in leadership and why that hasn’t worked, along with the way the masculine/feminine are meant to work together.

This may easily be your favorite episode yet!

And ladies, if you’re feeling the call of your Sacred Woman, join us here – before February 1: Reclaim Your Sacred Woman

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